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learn languages in gran canaria

We know what our students need, that's why we are the best option for learning languages in Gran Canaria.

English Conversation Classes for all levels

Designed for those aged 16 and over, our conversation programme offers a unique opportunity to strengthening oral communication and interaction in English.

Whatever your level, you'll be able to apply your knowledge in a dynamic and participatory environmentThe programme is designed to encourage the development of essential communication skills.

Online and face-to-face English conversation classes

We also tailor our conversation classes to suit your lifestyle. Whether you online or in person, at our academies in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we provide you with options to strengthen your language skills without compromising your schedule.

This format is suitable for everyone who is looking for improving their communication in English. 

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More than 1000 students per month

More than 40 top teachers

More than 300 days of sunshine per year

12 years of experience

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